Precut Systems - Expanding Production Chain Efficiency


New! Precut Stock enables easy management of one or more glass stocks. 21.11.2008 .pdf

Functionality of Precut Offcut expands. 30.10.2008 .pdf

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Finortec Oy develops and markets enterprise resource planning and production control systems for the flat glass industry and material use optimization software for the panelboard and profile cutting industries.

Finortec Oy has a total of more than 300 customers in Finland, Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries. Company has undergone continual development of its products together with its customers for over ten years.

Precut products are developed for the following sectors:

• flat glass processing and glazing

• wood-based panel processing

• panelboard and furniture industry

• metal sheet and profile processing

• plastic sheet and profile processing

• marble and stone processing

• window and facade industry

The Precut product range provides software products designed to serve the individual needs of both small and large-sized enterprises within their own specific business sectors.